Based in South Korea, FHL Games is a cutting edge PC and Mobile Game Platform with blockchain-powered payment ecosystem

We specialize in providing dynamic and interactive immersive experiences for global gamers and providing such experiences through innovative online channels.

The new block-chain-based ecosystem, which converts tokens obtained from games into decryption, is the most important growth initiative with an initial coin offering (ICO) scheduled for 2019.

We combine graphics, gameplay, and immersive gaming in all our projects into a beautifully intense and interactive experience that strives to provide the best gaming experience for our customers.

Our titles include the most beloved games in Asia and Latin America, including Dungeon Fighter Online, Mu Online, Gunz Ultra, Crazy Combi, Navy Field 2, ASDA Global and Smash Hit Point Blank, Over days.

Our games are distributed online under the brand name Kaybo.

Our Team


Iron Cheol, Jung

Iron is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FHLgames.co.,ltd since 2009. Iron founded FHLgames for global gaming and contents service in 2009. Iron served Neowiz(KOSDAQ : 095660) and Neowiz’s subsidiaries as Vice President from 2003 to 2009 leading game development and global game publishing business. Iron began his IT and contents service career with SICC(KOSDAQ : 010280) and SKTelecom(KOSPI : 017670) as IT and Contents business developer. Iron earned his bachelor's degree in Science of Public Adminstration and Education from the Korea University.


Min Ki, Kang

Kang is Co-Founder and Chief Financial officer of FHLgames.co.,ltd since 2009. Kang served KRIVET(Korea Research Institute) as Senior Financial officer in ODA(official development assistance) division with OECD DAC(Development Assistance Committee) for 8 years. Kang had many experience of global big ODA projects as financial officer.  Kang began his career as journalist in the Dong-A Ilbo, city desk. Kang earned his bachelor's degree in Science of Education from the Korea University.


Distribution Partners

161, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu


South Korea

Phone: 82-2-6111-6444

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